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Are you facing issues with your Solar Energy? Don't worry!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s delve into the world of solar power and uncover its potential benefits. From understanding solar power basics to exploring sustainable rooftop solutions, we’ve got all your questions covered.

With technological advancements, the possibilities of renewable energy are limitless. Transitioning to solar energy opens doors to new discoveries and sustainable living. In this blog, we address common queries about solar energy, helping you make informed decisions for a brighter future

How can I identify a reputable solar installer? 

Look for accreditation from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Accredited installers and retailers have undergone rigorous training and assessments to meet industry standards. They offer quality products and services you can trust. Take the time to compare quotes from multiple accredited installers to ensure you’re getting the best deal in terms of price, quality, and warranty. Investing in extended warranties can provide added peace of mind for your long-term solar investment. Research and ask for recommendations to find a CEC-accredited installer that meets your needs

Is your roof suitable for solar installation?

Regardless of your roof type – whether it’s terracotta, brickwork, or concrete – solar panel installers can accommodate it. If your roof receives ample sunlight with minimal shading, half the battle is won. However, if shading is an issue, reach out to your local solar retailer for guidance.

In Australia, consider Ozeal Energy, an accredited solar retailer known for their ongoing support and seamless installation process. With their assistance, going solar becomes a breeze.

Is a North-facing panel crucial for maximizing solar energy output? And if my home doesn’t face North, can I still harness solar power effectively?

Yep, you can definitely use solar panels in Australia because it gets a lot of sunlight. Most places here have plenty of sunshine all year round, which is great for solar power.

If you put your solar panels facing north, they’ll work best because they’ll catch the most sunlight. But even if they face east or west, they’ll still work pretty well, just a bit less efficiently.

The best time for solar power is usually from around 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon when the sun is strongest. So, if you use a lot of electricity during those hours, you’ll get the most out of your solar panels.

If you’re worried about not getting enough sunlight, don’t worry! The people who install solar panels can help you figure out the best way to set them up, even if your area doesn’t get tons of sun.

It’s all about turning your weaknesses into strengths. For example, if your roof faces east, you could use more electricity in the morning when the sun shines on that side. And if it faces west, you could use more

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