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Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia

Solar Cleaning Services in Australia

A Reputable Name in the Clean Solar Energy Sector Is Ozeal Energy – Home & Commercial Solar Panel Installer  &  Solar Cleaning  Services provider Company in Australia.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Australia - Sydney - NSW

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Cleaning your solar panels is an excellent strategy to preserve optimal efficiency over the years because dirt and grime accumulation on photovoltaic panels can diminish energy production.
Although cleaning solar panels is quite simple, you might want to hire a professional to do it for you in order to protect your safety and achieve the best results for your system. We can offer you a thorough solar panel cleaning service, together with professional guidance to keep your solar system in the greatest shape in all weather, thanks to our expertise and the necessary tools.

As a full-service solar company, Ozeal Energy provides a selection of services to go along with our solar panel installations for residences and commercial buildings. Although solar panel systems normally require little care, it’s vital to be aware that if a problem arises, you can get reliable guidance on anything from installation to cleaning and maintenance.

Australia's Leading Solar Panel Cleaning Service Provider

Your professional option for expertly clean solar panels is Ozeal Energy. Our crew focuses on site security, safeguarding your assets, and providing guaranteed cleaning. In NSW – Australia, we clean both commercial and residential solar panel systems.

Ozeal Energy is a locally owned and operated business that is also fully licenced and insured. It is dedicated to giving you the best possible service. To make sure your solar panels are pristine, protected, and prepared to pump kilowatts, we employ specialised solar panel cleaning equipment and deionized filtered water systems.

Is it really necessary to clean my solar panels?

Your solar panels’ capacity will gradually be reduced by environmental variables like lichen, salt air, bird droppings, ash, dirt, and pollen, which will prohibit them from operating to their full potential. Your solar system produces less energy as a result, which causes you to pay more for pricey grid electricity.
Regular cleanings and maintenance checks of your solar panels are the most economical approach to raise the effectiveness of your solar power system.
Pure water is used by Advanced Solar Panel Cleaning to increase photovoltaic (PV) production by up to 20% or even more in some circumstances!
You’ll save money if you keep your panels clean and working as efficiently as possible. Why not take advantage of our loyalty discount by signing up for routine solar panel cleaning?

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning :

To deliver cost- and time-effective solutions, Ozeal Energy collaborates closely with public and private businesses, governmental agencies, and producers of sustainable energy. For a quick turnaround and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we are certified and effective on site.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning :

Small solar panel installations on individual houses and properties are cleaned by us. Solar panel cleaning is the best way to maintain your own solar panel system since it offers accurate, regulated cleaning without the use of chemicals or abrasives. Our economical and environmentally friendly solar cleaning services.

Solar Panel Maintenance :

Our solar maintenance service can spot bird and pest nests, loose wiring, and broken, underperforming solar panels. We can maintain maximum performance and extend the life of your solar system by promptly identifying fractures, hotspots, and delamination.

How Much Does Cleaning Solar Panels Cost?

At Cheap As Chips, we endeavour to make it quick, simple, and economical to make sure that your solar panels are free of any debris that can interfere with their operation. The cost of our services will vary depending on a few different criteria, but our pricing start at $7 per panel. Accessibility (the location of your panels), the number of panels you have, and how often they need to be cleaned will all be taken into consideration.

How Frequently Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

We normally advise having your solar panels cleaned once a year. By doing this, you can make sure that debris and buildup aren’t diminishing the quantity of power your solar panels produce or decreasing their efficiency. You might want to think about cleaning more frequently if you live in a particularly green location or close to the sea where salt can be a concern.

How Can You Prevent Rubbing Off on Solar Panels While Cleaning?

We only clean solar panels by hand using chamois and squeegees and purified water. By doing so, we can guarantee that we’re never putting undue strain on your solar panels and receive a thorough cleaning that will leave them free to gather energy.

Recent Solar Panel Cleaning Project Work

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Sydney - Australia
Solar Panel Bird Mesh Sydney - Australia
Solar Panel Bird Mesh Sydney - Australia
Solar Panel Bird Mesh Sydney - Australia

Our Products & Services

We are leading Solar Panel Installer company in Australia

Best Home Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia

best Home Solar

The most effective solar panel is the one that best suits your needs and financial situation, however monocrystalline solar panels are the most prevalent kind of solar panel.

Best Commercial Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia

commercial solar systems

Having finished more than 400 commercial, educational & Governmental solar projects to date, we specialised in large-scale roof mount solar system solutions.

Best 6.6 kw Solar - Home Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia

6.6 kW solar system

The most popular bundle we have to offer is a 6.6KW solar power system. This solution is the best option for offices, small businesses, and family houses with four bedrooms.

Best 6.6 kw Solar - Residential  Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia

residential solar panels

We are the top provider of solar panels in Australia, with experience in the field and several electrical licences and certificates. Searching for Australia's Top Solar Panel Installers? Yes? Then you've come to the right place.

Solar Battery Storage Solution

Don't want to waste a single Watt? Get a solar battery now in Australia

Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia


With improved performance and safety, the GoodWe Lynx Home U Series low voltage lithium battery is specifically made for residential applications.

Solar Battery Storage price in Sydney Australia NSW


optimising the rate of solar energy self-consumption by storing excess solar energy in the battery during the day and utilising it at night.

Solar Battery Storage price in Sydney Australia NSW

Alpha ESS

The world's top provider of solar battery energy storage systems and services is AlphaESS. AlphaESS focuses on the residential and commercial

Solar Battery Storage price in Sydney Australia NSW


A home battery called a Powerwall is made to store energy from solar panels or the grid so you can use it whenever you choose, even at night or during a power outage.

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Leading Home & Commercial Solar Panel Installer Company in Australia






How we Work ?

Leading Home & Commercial Solar Panel Installer Company in Australia


Our team of solar experts will assess your home's solar potential over the course of a brief, 10-minute phone call, and we'll also talk about your current electricity bill.


Our team of system designers will create a system especially for your home. Why do we act this way? We aim to increase the amount of energy you produce!


Our highly qualified Solar Consultant will go over your unique system design, assured energy output, selection of payment methods, incentives, warranties, and more.


Our solar energy specialist will present you with a variety of solar energy options by using NearMap software tool so you may select a final design.


You won't need to worry about anything because our project management team will take care of permits, inspections, connectivity, and more during your project.


Our skilled Technical Team will provide you with lifetime assistance. Make the most of your solar investment and rest easy knowing that you can reach us at any time for top-notch assistance with any questions you may have.

Solar Panel Installation Reviews

We are leading Solar Panel Installer in Australia

“I have recently installed a 6kW solar panel integrated with latest technology Jinko panel and solis inverter for residential purpose. And yes, the product of Ozeal is truly worth investing. It is saving upto 95% of my electricity bill monthly.”
Best 6.6 kw Solar - Residential Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia
Karen Wood
“I have installed solar panel system. Initially I was doubtful about the savings but the technical support team gave me the approximate cost saving estimates and helped me better decide the best solar system.”
Best 6.6 kw Solar - Residential Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia
Scott Jones
“I have installed a household solar panel at a great discount offer. It is not only saving my bucks but i can rely on it during electricity cut-offs. It has battery back up and I can do my office work without any issues.”
Best 6.6 kw Solar - Residential Solar Panel Installer in Sydney - Australia
Chris Morgan

Go Solar With Australia's Leading Solar Company

By simplifying solar for customers, we are creating a more sustainable world.

Our Projects

We have executed multiple solar installation Australia based projects. Currently there are numerous projects operational and we are saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions. Customers can have a look at the upcoming product range available at best price and special offers

Choose From Best Pricing Plans

Whether you choose commercial or residential, we assure highest standards of quality, 25 year panel performance warranty, 10 year inverter warranty and 10 year workmanship warranty for every plan.

Small Home

6.6 kW

Medium Home

9.9 kW

Big Family Home

13.2 kW

Small Or Medium

29.8 kW

Large Commercial

49.9 kW

Huge Commercial

99.6 kW

FAQ Section​

The typical 6.6kW solar price in Australia for a high-quality installation starts at roughly $3500, while a Smart Solar System starts at $7,900. Your annual energy bill savings from this 6.6kW system will be between $2100 and $2500. It will produce about 25kWh per day.

The highest energy output is typically provided by panels that face north. This is due to the fact that Australia, being in the southern hemisphere, sees a sun that is primarily directed from the north.

A solar system can still help you save money, even though it might not be the sure thing an investment that it once was thanks to prior generous government subsidies due to the lowering cost of solar, rising electricity prices, and competitive feed-in tariffs.

Determining which solar will fit your home requires you to answer 3 questions:

  • Do you have a large roof or a small roof?
  • Is your energy consumption high or low?
  • Does your roof have shade?

Yes, Ozeal Energy has a 14-year track record of success installing solar panels and solar batteries. In both residential and commercial solar settings, we have installed more than 40,000 solar panels. It is simple to arrange for a Ozeal energy expert to visit your company or organisation without any obligation if you are contemplating commercial solar.

Your individual solar demands will be influenced by factors including where you live, how big your house is, where the roof is located, your budget, and the goals you have for going solar. You should be able to get product recommendations from the solar installation firm you select, along with information on anticipated pricing.

Solar panels have already been installed in over 348,000 homes around New South Wales to reduce electricity costs and increase environmental sustainability. It only makes sense to switch to solar energy given that Sydney’s weather patterns are dominated by clear, sunny days. The following factors may affect your particular system when estimating how much money and electricity you will save by adding solar panels on the roof of your Sydney home:

  • The tilt of your solar panels;
  • Their orientation;
  • Whether they are shaded;
  • The times of day your household uses the most electricity.

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Ozeal is Leading the Solar Energy Revolution. We are Contributing Through Providing High standards of Quality and Sustainable Green Energy Solutions to Customers.

Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia
Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia
Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia
Ozeal energy - solar panel services, solar installation company and sales company in Sydney NSW - Australia