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About Us

Our Story

Ozeal was established in Sydney. We are proud to be a contributing player in Solar Energy Revolution and the fastest growing Solar Retailer Australia.

Switching to renewable energy sources is not only a need but a must now for to save our planet. With rising industries and manufacturing plants Global warming is rapidly growing and thus it’s high time to save our planet and start using green electricity. Ozeal aims to address it through propagating the use of solar energy for clean and green future.

Our Mission

Ozeal is on a mission to create awareness and promote the use of clean and green energy to as many people as possible.

Our Vision

We envisage becoming the best solar energy company in Australia. Our vision and steps in going electric reflects into our efforts being taken for expanding and deploying solar power technologies at various locations in Australia.

Customer Satisfaction

Ozeal respects and maintains good business relationships with its customers. Our technical support and installation team contribute to it at a high level. They provide efficient and safe execution of all the solar installation projects. Long-term support, high recommendations and preferences to our products and services have made us one of the top 10 solar companies in Australia.

How We do?

We focus on delivering cost-effective yet higher standards of quality products and services to your residential and commercial energy needs. Our customers have benefited from cheap solar panels creating abundance and emissions-free electricity.

Brands We Install

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People are slowly switching their residential and commercial power spaces to solar energy. Your doubts and concerns are obvious…but feel free to connect with us and get answers to all your questions.

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