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How can I connect my Growatt to wifi?

See below for a manual to reconnect your Growatt inverter to your home’s Wi-Fi connection.

1. Connect with your local Wi-Fi network on your cell phone. Ensure that your switch’s name comprises of just English letters and numbers, as the Growatt inverter doesn’t uphold unique characters. The Growatt inverter additionally doesn’t uphold public organizations with optional confirmation, or extension organizations. For wellbeing reasons, if it’s not too much trouble, utilize just encoded remote organizations.

2. Download the ShinePhone App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

3. Open the ShinePhone App and click ‘Sign up’ on the login page.


4. Select your country as Australia and your home city, then, at that point, click ‘Next’, note: assuming you select some unacceptable nation and city your software might work on a mistaken clock.

5. Complete your record by finishing up the necessary data, then, at that point, click ‘Next’, this will carry you to the ‘Add Datalogger’ page.


6. Scan or Input the ShineWiFi standardized identification found on your gadget, as well as the check-code, then, at that point, click ‘Register’, you will then, at that point, be taken to the ‘Set Shine Wifi-F’ page.