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How can I connect my Sungrow to wifi?

Follow the beneath steps to interface your Sungrow inverter to your Wi-Fi network to get to its checking highlights.

1. Login, if you don’t have a current account, rather click ‘Signup’ and make one.

2. Click the ‘+’ symbol displayed in the upper right-hand corner.

3. You will have the choice to select plant types, select ‘Residential.’

4. You will presently need to pick what inverter type you have, pick the one that matches your framework.

5. Select WLAN, this represents Wireless Local Area Network, which is one more approach to saying Wi-Fi.

The accompanying screen will show up to connect your inverter:

6. Open your android/iOS phone’s Wi-Fi settings and associate with your inverter, the system name will be SG trailed by the serial number viewed as on your inverters Wi-Fi dongle.

7. Get back to the application and it should think of a message saying that it has been successfully connected. From here, click ‘Next.’

8. Select your home’s local Wi-Fi network.

9. Login as you would on some other gadget and select connect.

10. You might need to invigorate the rundown by tapping the orange turning bolts, however, the application should now show that your inverter is connected.

On the off chance that the above advances have not been fruitful, you can endeavour the accompanying.

1. Switch off the inverter’s AC isolator

2. Switch off the inverter’s DC isolator

3. Switch off Wi-Fi modem for 10-20 seconds and afterward walk out on

4. Switch on the inverter’s DC isolator

5. Switch on the inverter’s AC isolator

6. Keep it alone for 15 minutes

How can I connect my Sungrow to wifi?