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How can I calculate my panel efficiency?

Your solar panel’s greatest effectiveness is typically promptly accessible with the manufacturer’s specifications. however, this will be an ideal worth estimated under STC conditions. It will not be very useful to you except if your module works under comparative circumstances as STC.

By ascertaining your pragmatic or true productivity, you can then discover exactly how much energy your solar panels are delivering. Here is the bit-by-bit process enumerating how you want to compute solar panel proficiency yield.

  1. Find out its max. power capacity and physical size

The datasheet will normally furnish you with this data. Select the panels’ surface portion in meter square, maximum panel (Pmax) temperature coefficient, and nameplate rating or greatest level. This data is likewise accessible at the rear of the solar panels.

On the off chance that you don’t have the surface region explicitly expressed, you can just work out that by multiplying the length and width of the panel. For some example, normal solar panels aspects most of the time measure 65″ by 39″, or 1.651m x 0.9906m, giving an area of 1.6355m2.

  1. Divide the solar panel’s max capacity to its area

The following stage is to discover the efficiency per unit area of the panel. This will permit you to work out the efficiency of each cell, after which you can likewise ascertain the absolute result of an entire bank of solar panels.

To do that, basically divide the most extreme power capacity (the rating found on the nameplate or manufacturer’s datasheet) with the surface region. The outcome will be in Watts per square meter or W/m2.

  1. Consider STC values vs. actual values

The temperature value difference needs to be subtracted from the STC value obtained and multiply it by the maximum power Pmax coefficient. For instance, on the off chance that the panel temperature is 300C, increase (30-25) x (Pmax). You will get a negative number accordingly, which you will then, at that point, deduct from the ideal productivity worth to track down real effectiveness at the higher temperatures.

  1. Calculate the efficiency

The following formula tells you how to calculate the efficiency of a solar panel:

Solar panel efficiency = Unit Area (W/m2) / Solar irradiance value (W/m2)

How can I calculate my panel efficiency?